Thursday, August 4, 2011

A true friend....

We are going to Yakima this weekend for a family reunion on Dustin's side of things.  Tomorrow night we are having dinner and swimming in our hotel pool with one of Dustin's best friends, Jay.  They have two kids close to our two kids' age so it will (or should, with all intentions) work out well.

Me:  Hey Buddy, you know how we are visiting Yakima this weekend? 
Breckin:  Yeah
Me:  Guess what Daddy's friend's name is?  (Fully knowing this will peak his interest as it is the same name as one of his favorite Lego Ninjagos and may boost the coolness of the new people).
Breckin:  Peter Pan?
Me:  Nope, Jay.

Breckin:  Ooooo, Jay, huh?  Does he have a blue dragon?
Me:  No, I don't think so but you can always ask him.
Breckin:  Is he a ninja?
Me:  Not that I know of but if he was he may not be able to tell us.  It might be top secret.
Breckin:  Does he like ninjas?
Me:  I'm not sure.
Breckin:  Does Daddy know if he likes ninjas?  Does Daddy know if Jay is the real ninja?
Me:  (and it's hard to answer, with a straight face, a very serious child when he asks questions like these...)  I don't think Daddy would know.  He's never mentioned it.  But you could ask him?
Breckin:  What kind of a friend doesn't know if their best friend likes ninjas?

Me:  Good question, dude.  Sounds like you'll have to have a talk with Daddy tonight.
Yikes.  Someone's gettin grilled when they get home from work....