Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Those of You Keeping Track at Home

my appt was great last week. The fetal heart rate is 150 bpm (I have no idea what range that falls in) but my ob said, according to old wives' tales, that is a boy's heart rate. Take from that what you will cause if there's anything I've learned with my previous pregnancy, it's that my babies don't do things by the books. Everyone under the sun has told me that my belly looks like a baby girl- from the nice nurse at the ob office to various coworkers- some who see me every day to some who see me only when they have a payroll problem- to ladies in the grocery store to my loveliest neighbors. At this point, if they find boy bits on that ultrasound screen, I may not actually believe them because I've been so brainwashed to believe that this is a girl.

Now, here's your fair warning: My ultrasound to figure this baby bump out is on July 2nd. I may or may not reveal the results the very minute I get that cold goo off my belly. Who knows, Dustin and I may wait a week or a month to tell. Depends on how much we can keep secret. See that little thing over there on the right? Vote! I want to know what you think and I want plenty of people to have "ha ha I was right" bragging rights. I know, still no photos. I'll get there. For those of you who haven't seen me yet but knew me during the Breckin pregnancy, my belly is so much huger than that one!!! CRAZY!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know, I know.

Look at that. We managed to not post even one meager little blog post in the month of May. And, here's why. Dustin (aka the coolest husband in the galaxy) is making me some built-in wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves in the downstairs office. But, to do that, we had to clear out the office completely, pack up all my craft stuff upstairs, and generally make a tornado happen in our house. That means I don't have access to the digital camera photo uploader at home and feel bad posting without photos attached. Looks like I'm going to have to get over that, huh?

So, here we go: A Month of May Recap.

Our little Breckin turned the big 4 years old on May 11th and we couldn't stick to just one party. Noooooo- we had to have three. One for the people his size, one for the people our size, and one "calm" event with just me and Breckin and Daddy. Mostly I just like throwing parties and will have as many as the current excuse allows. They all went extremely well and as much as Breckin was adamant about staying 3, he welcomed 4 with open arms. We've had a few days where he says "I don't want to be 4 anymore, I just want to be 3 today." Which reminds me of the best thing I've ever heard about birthdays: "Don't forget that when you turn 30, you don't leave the previous birthdays behind. You are also still 2 and 3 and 15 and 21 and can act those ages at any given moment." True, right?!?!?

We had a fantastic turnout at our neighborhood Arbors' Annual Memorial Day Block Party. The usual suspects were there along with the newest additions to the 'hood. We, of course, included all of the essential block party activities: bbq'd, played with water balloons (thanks, Matt for your slingshots), rode bikes, basketball, chalk, sat in camp chairs until someone heard crying and asked a bigger kid to go check on the little kids, ate and ate and ate.

Let's not talk about kickball. Yep, we've been playing.... er, showing up and pretending to play but until the month of June, we were trying to replicate the infamous UW Football record. We officially ended the season at 1-7- even we couldn't be as bad as the Huskies!!! It's not for lack of effort. I think Hey That's My Bike is better suited for Rock Band.

My pregnancy brain has kicked in and I can't remember anything else from May. Please comment and add whatever I forgot. Hope pics can be added soon. Also, the lack of digital camera hookup is the reason for no pics on facebook, either. Sorry gang!

I'll try to be better in June. P.S. Next week is my 17 week checkup and we get to schedule the "big" ultrasound. Stay tuned for those results....