Friday, January 6, 2012

Little Ones

I don't know why but I'm looking at my children differently lately.  I'm trying to hard to capture them as small people and remember how they sound and laugh and struggle to climb onto chairs.  I think because Ella is the age that Breckin was when we moved into this house and as she does things and says things, I really feel like I've forgotten all that Breckin did and said at that age....  It's a horrible feeling. 

Ella was sitting on one of our tall counter chairs watching Bubble Guppies (Mr. Grouper!) when it struck me how small she was sitting there.  The chair was so big and she was perched on the edge with her feet hanging over and I thought some day, she'll be able to sit in that chair without having to climb on the couch first.  By the time I grabbed the camera, she was distracted by me moving around and stopped sitting so nicely.  These photos are her three reactions when I say "smile, Ella!"  Please remind me of these when she is a teenager and I've forgotten just how little she started out. 


  1. I am feeling the same way right now with Bri and Audrey. I need to start blogging to help me remember special or even everyday moments. I love your post above about Breckin. He is such an old soul in his cute little body

  2. Thanks, Jamie! Blog now- I forget so much stuff and it's great to have these little reminders.