Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Does Not Compute.

Breckin has his daddy's movie memory.  It's uncanny.  He's always had a good memory for details and has remembered every little outing we have or place we go for dinner.

But, he kills me with Star Wars.  I know that Dustin has talked about Star Wars with him since he was in my belly and we have a neighbor who has done nothing but fueled the fire since Breckin was two years old.  (That's right, Chully.  He was TWO when you started with Boba Fett and the big R2D2).  Breckin has only seen each Star Wars movie once.  Once.  Yes, he has some Star Wars lego sets and it probably helps that he likes to play the video games but his knowledge of the droids and planets and which part of the story is in which episode is killing me.  It could rival some adults, for sure.  I've never seen all six movies (throw your stones now, please) so I have no idea what he's talking about half the time.

His good night story is the Star Wars lego encyclopedia.  He wants to read each data file and know when the piece came out, which set it came with, and which movie it appeared in.  Now there's a chapter for The Clone Wars- an apparent tv show that continues the movie story line and one I've been avoiding as long as possible.  It's on Cartoon Network, has serious story lines, and is more graphic than the charming PBS Kids shows he loves.  Must.  Let.  Go.  Of.  Childhood reins.  I finally recorded one for him today while he was at school cause I knew he would freak out.  The show starts as soon as he can physically fling his backpack down and not 30 seconds into the opening shot, he gets all excited that it's on such and such planet and there's the blah blah ship and oooo mom, that guy with the blue face is Cad Bane.

Really?  This stuff sinks in so flippin fast.  He's seen them ONE TIME.  And yet he lives and breathes Star Wars and ninjas and wildlife explorers.  If, one day, his high school teachers could make ninja movies that taught about math or sentence structure, there is no doubt he would remember it forever.  Is he really going to be one of those guys who remembers quotes from every movie they see and knows who was in which movie with who?  Cause I already have one of those guys in my house....

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  1. I'd rather have take Star Wars that Monster High:) Classics, after all.